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Aloneness has many faces doesn’t it? But it seems to have come at a cost…

Where I go in my dreams 🙂

When will I learn to get a good nights sleep? I said, self no staying up late working online and then writing on your blog. Well that didn’t happen. I ended up staying up until 2am. And now I’m paying for it big time. The question is, was it necessary to stay up that late? Did I really accomplish anything? No on both. I kept asking my self last night. Why do you have such a hard time going to bed at a decent hour? Maybe it’s because that’s when everything around me is at it’s calmest. There are no distraction, no one pulling me in hundred different directions. It’s all about me. It’s my personal time. I have to admit I do enjoy my quite times. Around this house it doesn’t happen to often. lol Would I really want it too give up the sounds of laughter, loud chatter, discussions about which is the best way to lose weight, or hey Dad, do you want to send for your DNA swab to see where you came from? Or the tiny voices and giggles of my favorite ones, the grand kids? Absolutely not! I guess I’ll just have to shorten the duration of my aloneness. Not make it an almost all niter. Enough of this dragging the next day, and wishing for straight black coffee to keep me awake enough to function. Where’s the toothpicks when you need them? I need to see with my eyes and even they are turning against me.

OK, then maybe I’ll try some sleeping pills tonight. Hopefully I will dream I’m resting alone on the beach, hearing the waves break in the distance. And no one else is there but me. Calgon take me away….




I’m finding that it’s very hard to find the time and a quiet place to write. Sometimes the best times my inspirations come to me, seem to be when I’m power walking. I wish I had a voice recorder with me, so I could talk into it, and start recording all my thoughts.  Sometimes my own thoughts and memories bring tears to my eyes. I know by the time I get home the perfect words, (or the words “I” so call perfect”) will vanish, just as time does. How hard can it be to take a recorder with me? Maybe it’s something I can do sometime. I wish it was that easy, but I walk with my daughter at times and at other times with my husband & grand children, so that could hamper my creativity.

 All I know is, I do enjoy writing down my thoughts and feelings each day. It’s become a way of venting for me. If I’m having a difficult day, or having a very exciting day I want to be able to express it and log all my thoughts into my new Journal, Blog? What do I call it?  I guess as time passes, I’ll know what to name it. For now I’m just glad I have a place to go to vent and ramble on and on…