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One of My Special Girls!

I remember the day I found out I was expecting you. I was so scared and unsure if I would be a good Mother. Before I knew it, you were breathing your first breath of air and crying out for me.” Hold me Mom, keep me safe.”  I took you into my arms and quickly your crying stopped. I looked at you in my arms. You seemed so tiny, so fragile. I was afraid I might break you right in my arms. I thought there is so much to learn about being a Mom. I had only one great example to go by. But I never saw her with anyone as small as you. But still, I remember she held me in her arms when I was sad, scared or sick. So that is what I’ll do. Hold you close in my arms until I know your alright. I realized as each day passed. You don’t need to be a perfect Mom, just a loving one. The rest will come naturally.

Turn Around

My baby, my own.

Turn around and you’re two.

Turn around and you’re four.

Turn around and you’re a young girl.


Going out of the door.

Turn around,  turn around and you’re a young wife.

With babes of your own.



Your beautiful from the inside in

And even though your all grown up

You’ll always be

My Special Girl


This post is dedicated to my first born, Jessica.





Baby in a Bubble

Originally uploaded by Esther Huff 2009



Love watching my grand children discover new things. Here is my grand-daughter Brielle,  very curious about the balls inside the round bubble. She tried desperately to touch the balls in the bubble. Unfortunately, they were encased in plastic.  My daughter (her mommy) helped her up, so she could get close enough to touch the them from the outside. It was so cute watching her press her tiny face against the plastic pane. As she did this, she caught us looking back at her so she pressed her face even harder.  Children at this age are curious about the world around them. It’s wonderful to take these opportunities to allow them to discover. I titled this post “Baby in a Bubble,” because that’s actually what she looked like – a baby inside a bubble. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my heaven.

A child’s  new discoveries is life’s way of letting our old eyes  see what we take for granted! 🙂