“Esther’s Journey Through Life “

I am 54 years young. The journey of my life started out on a very bumpy road. I had a father, mother and six brother and two sisters. Then one day when I was about 18 months old my parents disappeared. My oldest sister did her best to care for all of us, but soon the neighbors wondered why we weren’t outside playing and checked on us. On that day living our life as a family would be changed forever. We were all placed in an orphanage, and separated by age. When I was about 2 years old, this nice couple Mr. & Mrs. Gaytan, came to the orphanage looking for two girls to adopt. His name was Frank and hers was Esther Marie. When she saw me and found out we shared the same name, she decided she wanted me. At the same time Mr. Gaytan saw my sister Olga and decided he wanted to adopt her. When they went to fill out the paper work they found out we were sisters. Unforuniately they weren’t able to adopt us, because our biological father wanted us to have his name. In my opinion, I think that was very selfish. Since that day, my sister Olga has been the only family I really had. Until one day along came a very witty, intelligent, kind, loving guy name Larry. I met him at the last foster home I lived at in Whittier, Ca. We got married in 1973, and started our own family. We have been married for 36 years. We have two remarkable boys and three equally remarkable girls. Jessica 35, Christopher 33, Jennifer 31, Randall 30 and JoAnna 25. We are also proud grand parents of ten, yes you read correctly, ten grand children. Our family is still growing. Our youngest Joanna is expecting her second child in March. We are so elated. Family is very important to me, so “more babies” may become my motto ha ha ha….


5 thoughts on ““Esther’s Journey Through Life “

  1. I thought I knew the story, but never knew they both just left and auntie linda was left to care for so many kids. How scary for her and all of you. How awful when you all had to watch eachother go.

    • Jen, They say children are so resilent. I have never agreed with that. I believe it stays with you always in some shape or form. You just learn how to adapt.

  2. That’s very sad… Mimi… I wished that couple would have taken you guys..then again you might have not met Papa… Everything happens for a reason!

  3. oh Esther, I did not remember all of those details about your childhood. How very sad. Do you have any idea where your parents went?

    • I think you probably know more about me than anyother person (other than Lar). Oh, don’t beat your self up…I never shared this part of my life with you back then, only because I wasn’t ready at that time.

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