Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I thought I’d share with you something that happened this morning, that was very funny. Um, I’m really surprised that I am sharing this, because actually you would think this is really embarrassing. Most people don’t normally want to share this type of experience, but it was so cute and innocent and funny. I just had to share.

My grandson this morning, comes up to hug me, and then he stops, and he kind of backs away very carefully and he gives me a gentle hug, and trying hard not to get to close. Then all of a sudden he says,” Mimi, I’m going to be careful because I don’t think i should hug you to tight.’ Then I ask him “Why, why not? Go ahead you can give me a big hug!” and he says, “No, I don’t want to hurt your baby inside your stomach.” I step back for a second, with my mouth open wide and begin laughing so hard and then said, ‘I don’t have a baby inside my stomach.” and he responds, “You don’t? and he goes, Oh! and I looked at him with this huge smile on my face, giggling. I said, “No, Joaquin! That’s not a baby in there. Mimi’s just fat! I just need to lose weight.”  Joaquin then asked me, “well, how do you do that?”  I said, “I will have to stay away from cookies and cake, that’s how I will do that.”  He then says, “Then you’d better stay away from those cookies and cake, so you make yourself not be fat.”  I can’t even control my laughter. I must have sounded like jolly ol Santa, I was laughing so much. As I try to regain my composure, I reply, “okay, i’ll do just that!”

Kids say the darndest things! They can be so funny, at the same time so innocent and mean well.  They’re not trying to hurt our feelings. They are  just being honest as children are. But when he did that, wow! did a big light bulb go off in my head. Because, when your grand child comes to you, and thinks there’s a baby inside your stomach! Lady it’s time to get serious with WW!!! lol 

I hoped you enjoyed reading this short story, as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Night of the Living Dead…Starring Alisa Huff

 My grand daughter Alisa, isn’t the typical 13th year-old in 8th grade. She has always had a flair for the arts, as a matter of fact. When she was a baby, she loved to act on cue; she would giggle, smile, cry, or looked shocked or worried. She is an amazing kid. You should have seen her on that stage tonight. I was the proudest grandma sitting watching her play her part. I wasn’t even nervous for some reason. I knew in my heart she would give 110%. She played a Zombie in the play, Night of the Living Dead. Based on the 1968 screenplay by George Romero. After the show my sister Olga & I each gave her a dozen roses. Her Mom Jennifer, gave her two large bags of candy she requested. My Alisa was one happy young lady tonight. Let me add – Alisa also enjoys writing songs, stories, drawing pictures, singing, and playing the guitar. I wish I had some of her special talents. But since I don’t, I will just enjoy living them through her. I’m so proud of her. Can you tell? lol

Starring Alisa Huff

Starring Alisa Huff