“Conquering My Fears”

 "Conquring My Fears"

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I’m extremely fearful of heights. This did not stop my son Ran from insisting  that I conquer my fears on his birthday, which was September 10, 2009. Let me back up a little – I had asked my son Ran if there was anything special he’d like to do on his birthday day?  He said, “Yes, I’d like to go to the Science Museum with just you.” I felt so honored that my son would like to spend part of his special day alone with me. Talk about lumps in the throat as big as an avocado pit. So off we both went to the Phoenix Science Museum. We had a blast exploring all the interesting exhibits. Then, as we’re about to leave, we both notice this exhibit called the “Bike Cycle.”  The bike is balancing on a cable about 20 feet above the ground. I actually had to talk my son into trying the bike cycle. Once he did, he seemed pretty happy he had. I thought after he was done we would be leaving, but no he insisted it was now my turn.  Nervously laughing I said, ” no way!”  Then my son says, “Come on, Mom. Conquer your fears for my birthday, okay?” Shrugging my shoulders and slowly dragging my feet, I paid for my turn. Trust me when I say. I was very scared. My hands were sweating and shaking , and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest at any moment.  But I did it and even gave a little wave at the end.

“Sometimes we just have to face our fears in the face and just laugh!”


4 thoughts on ““Conquering My Fears”

  1. I never knew u were afraid of heights. Keep writing woman, I’m learning more and more about you!

    I also didn’t know u went with ran to the museum on his bday! I loveit.

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