Night of the Living Dead…Starring Alisa Huff

 My grand daughter Alisa, isn’t the typical 13th year-old in 8th grade. She has always had a flair for the arts, as a matter of fact. When she was a baby, she loved to act on cue; she would giggle, smile, cry, or looked shocked or worried. She is an amazing kid. You should have seen her on that stage tonight. I was the proudest grandma sitting watching her play her part. I wasn’t even nervous for some reason. I knew in my heart she would give 110%. She played a Zombie in the play, Night of the Living Dead. Based on the 1968 screenplay by George Romero. After the show my sister Olga & I each gave her a dozen roses. Her Mom Jennifer, gave her two large bags of candy she requested. My Alisa was one happy young lady tonight. Let me add – Alisa also enjoys writing songs, stories, drawing pictures, singing, and playing the guitar. I wish I had some of her special talents. But since I don’t, I will just enjoy living them through her. I’m so proud of her. Can you tell? lol

Starring Alisa Huff

Starring Alisa Huff


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