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I’m finding that it’s very hard to find the time and a quiet place to write. Sometimes the best times my inspirations come to me, seem to be when I’m power walking. I wish I had a voice recorder with me, so I could talk into it, and start recording all my thoughts.  Sometimes my own thoughts and memories bring tears to my eyes. I know by the time I get home the perfect words, (or the words “I” so call perfect”) will vanish, just as time does. How hard can it be to take a recorder with me? Maybe it’s something I can do sometime. I wish it was that easy, but I walk with my daughter at times and at other times with my husband & grand children, so that could hamper my creativity.

 All I know is, I do enjoy writing down my thoughts and feelings each day. It’s become a way of venting for me. If I’m having a difficult day, or having a very exciting day I want to be able to express it and log all my thoughts into my new Journal, Blog? What do I call it?  I guess as time passes, I’ll know what to name it. For now I’m just glad I have a place to go to vent and ramble on and on…


Hello world!

 It is now 2:35 AM, and I am still wide awake. I finally have my blog up and running. Now all I have to do is put a lot of work into it.

“All Good Things Take Time…